We're Back!

If it feels as though it's been forever, it's because it really has.

It's been forever and a day since we've posted and spoken to our followers, which we admit is entirely no good.  So for 2019, we will commit to sharing as much of our work as possible on our blog and of course via Instagram.  We'll flood you with all of the bold color, texture, and unique style we can muster.  That is our promise to you...
Image Credit: PARLR | Beauty Salon + Photo Studio

Given that it's the off season, when most of us our doing our best to stay hidden from the sub-zero weather,  what better way to start re-blogging than with a recap of all the designing we did when it was warm?  For example, did you know that over 900 arrangements went out of the studio's door?  It was really wild and it all seemed to happen so fast!  If you missed any of it during the summer months, you will very likely find it here as I re-tell the tale of our most colorful year yet.

So warm up those fingertips and get them ready to scroll through all that was O Luxe in 2018.


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