The New Classic New England Wedding: Blush-Toned With a Kick

It is true that the “Blush-Ivory-White” color grouping that has taken the American bridal market by storm, seems to have now become the quintessential aesthetic for New England weddings too.  And although certain wedding media sources (who shall go unnamed here) have proposed that the Blush movement be laid to rest, as far as we can tell it is going nowhere anytime soon.  What then is a designer to do to help maintain a sense of originality? 

The best we’ve come up with is to take a concept that is here to stay and continue working with it, but give it a twist - rejuvenate it.  In other words let’s keep that dreamy blush palette, but break up the monotony by adding in other accents, textures, and tones (even if only just one these things).

Case in point…

For one of our favorite brides of seasons' past, Blush tones were an absolute must.  The great thing though, was that Yiru & Tom were very open to adding in some pizazz.  Blooms of Coral and Green made it through to the “final round,” which helped transform an otherwise understated palette into one that really stood out.  

We stuck with strictly blush tones for Yiru's personal flowers, because against the bolder accent colors at the venue, everything about her bouquets was perfect.

At O Luxe Design we love all of our couples and all of the palettes they bring to the table - even the primarily neutral ones.  However if there is ever an opportunity to sneak in a little "jeuge," why not give it a try.  It just might amaze you what the addition of a little color can do.


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