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Kimberly & Sekou at the Iconic Liberty Hotel Boston

By now you know how we feel about color.  Bring us your brightest, boldest hues and we'll turn them into magic.  
Did you also know that certain palettes speak to us more than others?  Jewel toned weddings in particular make us giddy and if those wedding flowers happen to include Purple Mokara Orchids - forget it.  We will love you forever...

Enter Kimberly & Sekou.  Their sexy, urban chic style was right up our alley, where monochromatic violets and fuchsia, contrasted with glossy black & platinum metallic.

On this occasion our team was responsible for full event design:  linens, lighting, chairs, dance floor and of course the floral elememts.  Weeks of design planning turned into months of searching through linen swatches, options for flameless candles, sorting out flowers that would be in season., you name it.  The super talented Kayleigh Wiese, of Meldeen, crafted a logo for the wedding stationary that was also used to customize the dance floor wrapping.  How blessed …

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